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Your pet will travel on a commercial passenger flight.  Not all airlines fly pets and some have certain restrictions on breeds. The destination and routes will sometimes dictate the airline options.  Check with your FAST consultant for more details.

There is a special place on each plane designed for live animals.  It is pressurized and temperature controlled.  The temperature is within 10 °C from the passenger cabin.

Yes, your pet can be booked as a manifest cargo and can fly alone to most locations.

We do not recommend feeding your pet within 4 hours of their flight as it may cause travel sickness. They will receive plenty of water throughout their journey.

Yes, your pet’s water container will be topped up during a stopover. Depending on the duration of the stopover, they may also stretch their legs and get a cuddle as well.

We do not recommend sedating pets for travel. Sedation can lead to dehydration and also disorientation if they wake up part way through the journey. It can also be difficult for customs to assess the health of an animal after arrival if it has been sedated. There are many natural products which can be used to calm your pet before travel.

Yes. All our drivers and employees receive internal and external trainings.

Many people do handle their pet transport on their own to save money, however, there are MANY mistakes made when this is done. If you are going to another country and you are not VERY clear on the laws of that country, your pet will be the one to suffer and it will cost you MUCH,MUCH more than you can possibly imagine. Do NOT rely on your vet to know what he/she is doing either. I have personally redone the work of several veterinarians for international transports after the owner called me in for help, realizing something was wrong. Remember, it is much less expensive to do things right the first time than to have to redo it a second time after it has been done incorrectly.

Yes, you can, but we will remove them from your pet for its own safety whilst travelling and attach them to the outside of the travel container. The airlines do not accept any responsibility if they are misplaced whilst travelling.

All transport fee must be paid before departure. The payment options are cash and bank transfer.

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Pet Travel Tips

Here are a few general pet travel tips to prepare you and your pet for travel. For advice specific to you, get in touch with the team at AeroPets and we will be happy to help.

As we know, pets are very perceptive, so the best way to keep a pet calm in the lead up to a move is to stay relaxed yourself and go about your normal business. Pet owners can become a little anxious about how their pet will cope with the proposed big adventure. You can rest assured that with our specialised knowledge from assisting thousands of pets safely travel throughout Australia and the world each year, that our pet travel tips will give you the peace of mind you need.

You were very patient and professional may I add very personable. It was nice to have you personally call us and go through our worries with us. Your guidance was very helpful. We picked up a happy dog – THANK YOU – we are grateful there are caring companies like AeroPets out there.”

Qantas Pet Travel within Australia

Qantas offers travel with your pet in Australia, as well as solo pet travel.

See Qantas’ official Australian Domestic Pet Travel Pack for more information.

International Qantas Pet Travel

Qantas strongly recommends using a specialised pet transportation company for international travel due to the complexity of customs quarantine controls.

AeroPets will happily arrange for your pet to travel on a Qantas aircraft. We have the experience needed to ensure the entire process is smooth and all necessities are taken care of including quarantine compliance, vet checks and pet travel containers, giving you peace of mind during your travels.

We hope these pet travel tips are helpful in setting your mind at ease about the process of pet relocation. If you have any questions, always feel free to get in touch with our friendly and experienced team.

As the move gets closer, here are pet travel tips that will help to ensure your pet is as well prepared as possible to enjoy a safe and relaxed flight:

  • Consult your regular vet for a health check (especially for puppies and pets over the age of 12) to ensure they are fit and healthy to be flying. For our international travellers, this is a perfect time to ensure that all the necessary vaccinations are up to date (AeroPets can advise which are relevant to your move). If your pet is fit and healthy they should travel well. Please ensure that your pet’s vaccination records are kept in a safe place and not sent with the removalist; for international travellers we usually require original copies of this paperwork.
  • If you would like to acclimatise your pet before travel with their travel crate, please ensure you make it a positive process. If you incorporate enjoyable activities like meal time, favourite toys and a blanket it can assist in creating a positive experience. Something like an old shirt with a familiar scent is ideal to place in the travel crate when your pet is travelling to give them a sense of familiarity.
  • A common question we receive, particularly from owners who believe they have an anxious pet, is whether or not we recommend sedation – the answer is no. Sedating pets travelling at altitude is not ideal at all. Sedated pets can become disorientated, dehydrated and have travel sickness. Clearly no pet owner would like any of these conditions to harm their pet, let alone in an environment that they can’t control.
  • On the day of travel, please do not feed your pet within 6-8 hours of the intended travel. This will help your pet avoid being travel sick and going to the toilet in the travel crate. We do line crates with absorbent materials just in case, but preventing accidents will best ensure your pet remains most comfortable.
  • If your dog is being collected by our handlers, please ensure it has had plenty of outside time and a good walk. The same applies before check in to any flight. AeroPets handlers will provide a walk prior to check in when and where possible, but nothing beats a run around before we come. This helps pets feel more relaxed and better able to sleep during travel.